Applied Security, Inc., based in Reston Virginia, provides network security services to Fortune 100 companies. Our sophisticated service offerings include insider threat detection and eradication, digital forensics, and secure communication solutions.

Cutting Edge Defense Against Advanced Persistent Adversaries
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Malware, cyber-crime, hackers, industrial espionage, insider theft – all are on the rise, and all can devastate your business. ASI’s unique tools and expertise provide the countermeasures you need to win the war against the ever-increasing threats posed by cyber-criminals and malicious insiders.

Every company has information worth stealing - intellectual property, plans, personnel information and financial data. Every company is a target. ASI’s managed security services ensure your networks and business communications are secure from prying eyes.

You suspect your networks were penetrated, workstations are infected, and data is leaking onto the Internet. ASI’s digital forensics experts will help you find and eradicate the source of your problems.