Proactive Security Services

Every company, regardless of size, success and stature, is a target for today's cyber-criminals and hacktivists. Preparing for the inevitable attack and penetration of network defenses is paramount - it's going to happen. At ASI, we advocate a proactive, inside-out approach to prevent the loss of your valuable data.
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Digital Forensics

Interested in improving your response to inevitable and potentially devastating computer security incidents? Need assistance with a sensitive investigative or litigation matter involving electronic evidence?
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It doesn't cost a fortune to protect your fortune

How confident are you that your critical information assets are protected from determined hackers and cyber criminals looking to steal sensitive intellectual property or disrupt your business infrastructure?

The chore of round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring, firewall maintenance, security systems management, log analysis, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, and incident response can be a daunting and even overwhelming undertaking for large and small organizations alike. Even when employing dedicated resources and expensive third-party security tools, the time and financial cost of adequately safeguarding critical information assets from modern cyber-threats can be debilitating in today's competitive business landscape.

As a managed security service provider, ASI brings state-of-the-art tools and security management expertise to ensure your organization's information assets, critical infrastructure, business communications, and information-sharing functions remain safe from both external adversaries and insider threats.

ASI's Secure Private Cloud and Secure Voice Communications services provide cost-effective and easy-to-implement solutions for sensitive business application hosting, remote data access, and private voice and email communication, enabling your company's staff to securely and reliably conduct business in any environment.

ASI's Illuminate Proxy Log Analysis service relieves your IT staff from the burden of combing through piles of log data on a regular basis and ensures that cyber-security experts are monitoring your company's web proxy logs for malware, suspicious behavior, insider threats, and potential data loss.

ASI's Network Assessment examines your organization's perimeter defenses, network topology, and internal security measures in order to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize efforts to mitigate risk to your most important assets.