Product Features

  • Fast, efficient collection and analysis of proxy log data
  • Flexible log data submission mechanism
  • Data storage in access-controlled, encrypted repositories
  • Insightful and actionable network usage and insider threat information from your raw log data
  • Correlation with additional security information datasets
  • Sophisticated behavioral modeling and statistical analysis
  • 24x7 monitoring and management
  • Standard and custom reporting

Product Benefits

  • Recognize and address suspicious behavior within your corporate network
  • Manage security risk and ensure compliance with regulatory or internal usage policies
  • Obtain information quickly to support audits or forensic investigations in response to data security incidents
  • Control infrastructure costs and reduce complexity
  • Reduce security false positives
  • Identify and report on true enterprise threats
  • Virtually augment your security staff with ASI’s experts

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You’ve installed a firewall, a web proxy, and even an IDS. Yet your company’s sensitive data keeps leaking onto the Internet. You know the answer lurks in the volumes of log data that your security devices churn out daily… So how do you pierce through this murk to find and eliminate the malicious agents infiltrating your networks?

Shine a Light on Your Network

Illuminate, ASI’s cloud-based log analysis service, shines a light through the fog of network data to spotlight the bots, malware, and malicious insiders hiding in the dark reaches of your networks.

Illuminate, our proxy log analysis tool, applies powerful analytics to identify advanced malware operating within your networks.


ASI engineers designed Illuminate with an offensive mindset: viewing network defenses through the lens of an attacker to isolate and identify command and control channels, data leakage, and malicious activities.

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Our customers send log data on media, or over an established high-speed link, for ingestion and analysis. Customers may wish to run an analysis for a single set of batch data, or establish procedures for routine batches of data. Regardless of transmission method, ASI stores your logs in access-controlled, encrypted repositories to ensure the confidential handling of all customer data.

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Prism, Illuminate’s advanced analysis engine, correlates your log data with a combination of open and subscription-based data sources, including malware catalogues, domain blacklists, DNS and address databases, and other proprietary datasets. Prism uses sophisticated behavioral modeling, statistical analysis, and signature algorithms to separate and correlate data streams into identifiable artifacts of malicious activity.

Prism provides a comprehensive set of activity reports on the operations of your network, as well as suspected malicious activity. You’ll get actionable information to optimize and secure your critical business activities.

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