Product Features

  • Focused review of critical networks and systems vulnerable in your enterprise
  • Examination of network topology for security and performance vulnerabilities
  • Review of network perimeter defenses
  • Intensive assessment of internal network security posture
  • Review of security policies and incident response capabilities

Product Benefits

  • Objective 3rd party assessment of performance and security postures
  • Assessment conducted with an offensive mindset
  • Cost-effective recommendations to dramatically reduce the risk of an expensive data breach
  • Recommendations for proactive measures to keep you ahead of the bad guys

Network Assessment

Do you really know how secure your infrastructure is?

Are you prepared to bet untold thousands of dollars, your reputation, and even the company’s future that your data and intellectual property are safe?

Every company, large and small, is a target in today’s cyber world. Cyber-thieves no longer limit their hacks to large companies, now they go after any business with data to steal, including:

ASI’s Network Security Assessments look at how well your perimeter is protected and at the soft underbelly of your internal systems that is exposed once a persistent attacker breaches your defenses.

If someone else is willing to pay money for it, a cyber-thief will steal it. How long before someone gets to your sensitive data?

ASI’s Network Assessment service takes a hard look at your enterprise networks to give you an objective, realistic evaluation of your performance and security postures. We focus on your business’ most critical and most vulnerable networks and systems.

We will scope your assessment to fit your business and needs:

So if you’re not a gambling person and want a better night’s sleep, let ASI help.