Managed Security Services

How confident are you that your critical information assets are protected from determined hackers and cyber criminals looking to steal your sensitive intellectual property and disrupt your business infrastructure? Learn more about our Managed Security Services

Digital Forensics

Interested in improving your response to inevitable and potentially devastating computer security incidents? Need assistance with a sensitive investigative or litigation matter involving electronic evidence?
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Proactive Security is our mantra

At ASI, Proactive security is our mantra. Every company, regardless of size, success and stature, is a target for today's cyber-criminals and hacktivists. Preparing for the inevitable attack and penetration of network defenses is paramount - it's going to happen. That expensive hardened perimeter your vendors and techies assure you is impregnable - it will be breached.

It’s an arms race that every company employing real people doing real work is going to lose. So what can you do?

At ASI, we advocate a proactive, inside-out approach to prevent the loss of your valuable data. By accepting that a persistent adversary eventually will find a chink in your armor – a misconfigured firewall, a web app vulnerability, a gullible user – you are freed to focus on protecting your data and ensuring nothing gets out – no data, no command and control signals. Stop the data loss and then eliminate the threat. ASI’s tools and services let you proactively interdict malware and malicious insiders and then eradicate those threats.