Product Specifications

AgentX is a Windows based agent that may be easily deployed on typical IT infrastructure.

  • Agent runs using minimal system resources as a Windows service
  • Uses Microsoft Windows Event Logging for log collection and transfer
  • Accommodates Windows 7 (both 64-bit and 32-bit architecture)
  • Easily deployable to organizational assets via Windows Installer (.msi)
  • Tracks and logs all file activity to/from USB flash drives, CD/DVD media, SD/SDHC/ SDXC media
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory group policy for software updates
  • Web-based reporting engine for generating actionable reports
  • Easily deployable using automated installer

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Stop the Insider Threat with AgentX

AgentX provides you with intelligence on your most prized asset - your data. Running as a lightweight software agent, AgentX tracks and records data movement between your PCs and removable storage devices, ensuring that you know when data is transferred into or out of your organization.

AgentX provides the knowledge to effectively identify and deter insider data theft, putting you back in control of your organization’s information assets.

Are your company’s secrets walking out the door?

Recent studies report that 85% of all intellectual property theft is perpetrated by a company’s own employees - some are angry, some are greedy, some are just foolish. Regardless of motivation, employees have two things in common: knowledge and access. They know what’s important, they know where to find it, and they have access to a company’s information assets.

Prevent valuable intellectual property from leaving your organization

AgentX is invaluable when dealing with the termination of employees. With the HR Exit Report in hand, a manager can immediately determine whether the employee copied proprietary data in the period preceding a resignation, layoff, or termination.

AgentX provides a report of all removable media and portable drives that were connected to an employee’s computer, as well as the data files that were transferred to them. Did an employee transfer sensitive files to a USB thumb drive or burn a CD immediately before giving notice of resignation? Suspicious activity immediately bubbles to the surface.

AgentX provides a user-friendly and cost-effective counter-measure to combat today’s insider threats BEFORE they take their toll on your bottom line.

Eliminate introduction of USB-borne viruses

AgentX records when executables run from a removable drive. Since many viruses spread by copying themselves onto removable flash memory and then executing when the memory is plugged into another computer, AgentX provides an excellent early warning of possible malware infection.

Proactively identify abnormal activity and enforce acceptable use policy

AgentX establishes a baseline of employee behavior. A break in that pattern may indicate a problem which warrants proactive action. AgentX helps identify risks of data loss by monitoring activity associated with routine backups and other innocuous transfers that occur over time.

By monitoring employee use of removable devices, AgentX provides evidence of compliance or violations of acceptable use policy.

Reduce costs associated with data breach investigation and remediation

AgentX logs all file activity involving portable storage media – it can even detect data exfiltration and concealment attempts by identifying files in archive files, such as WinZip.

If sensitive data ever becomes lost or stolen, AgentX can save thousands of dollars in investigation costs by quickly and definitively providing answers to the who, where, what, when, and hows of an incident. AgentX is a useful tool to accelerate forensics investigations, track down misplaced data, and recover company property.

Ensure your sensitive data files stay where they should – inside your organization.