Product Features

  • Control – Focal Point uses Squid’s authentication feature to ensure only valid user traffic leaves the network: botnets and malware bounce off the wall!
  • Filter – Focal Point updates its Blacklist hourly, drawing from reputable web sources to protect your networks, your people and your reputation!
  • Log – Focal Point writes ALL requests to log files: use Illuminate to uncover and remove operational deficiencies and eradicate malware lurking inside your perimeter.


focal point

Your employees need Internet access for a myriad of reasons, both business and personal. Does that mean your organization must leave the gates to the Internet wide open to ensure productivity and a fat bottom-line? If you do, those networks become ripe targets for industrial espionage and cybercriminals looking for an easy payday. Many network security professionals will say the most cost-effective and least obtrusive method for securing the INSIDE of your perimeter is a robust authenticating web proxy.

Focal Point, our authenticating web proxy system, blocks command and control (C2) communications between a malware agent and its control infrastructure.

Focal Point is an authenticating proxy service - one of the most effective ways to protect network assets from insider threats. Built around the Squid caching web proxy and bundled with ASI’s automated blacklist/whitelist module, Focal Point gives the network manager the means to control what leaves the network, what applications reach outside the perimeter, and where users browse.