Product Benefits

  • Identify & mitigate potential attack vectors to your valuable assets, including vulnerabilities undetectable by even the best automated network scanning and security products
  • Test the capability of your network security team in identifying and successfully defending against attacks
  • Understand the scope of potential financial, technical, operational, and business risks associated with a successful attack
  • Prioritize and focus efforts for additional security hardening and training
  • Ensure continued compliance with regulatory requirements, such as PCI
  • Mitigate risks to your company’s reputation, public image, and financial stability

Penetration Testing

Each day the news provides additional examples of seemingly secure institutions and companies being “hacked” by cunning and industrious threats. Despite the best efforts to properly safeguard networks and sensitive information assets, determined and skilled effort can often circumvent even the most exhaustive security measures and exploit the smallest of weaknesses… the results can prove disastrous to any business or organization, including failure of critical business systems, exfiltration of proprietary and confidential data, loss of regulatory compliance, and public embarrassment.

Our Penetration Testing gives your team a taste of a nation-state sponsored attack. See if your team is up to the challenge… we haven’t been stopped yet!

ASI’s Penetration Testing service actively probes your network to identify ANY vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious attacker, including improper system configuration, infrastructure weaknesses, operational process deficiencies, inadequate countermeasures, and a host of other potential threats that could be exploited to undermine the strength of your defenses. ASI employs state-of-the-art knowledge and nation-state caliber methods in performing the analysis, so you can be assured of thorough coverage and expert level testing.

What we find may just surprise you

The results of our engagement will not only provide you with a solid understanding of the risks to your network and business, but actionable guidance to patch uncovered vulnerabilities.